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Congratulation to all the Seed Growers and the Seed Producing Agencies of our State for Launching of the OnLine Crop Registration System & Other Seed Certification Application Systems Of OSSOPCA From Kharif-2014. With The Blessing of Almighty.May the seed as well as Food Grain Production fulfill the requirement of the state.
Orissa State Seed Certification Agency(OSSCA) was formed on 3rd June 1977 and registered under Societies Registration Act,1860(Reg. No. 12176/1112 dt 14.10.1977), to carry out the functions of certification Agencies under Seeds Act 1966 in Orissa State w.e.f. 01.09.1978 with a mandate to maintain and make available to public high quality seeds(with prescribed standards) and propagating materials of notified kind & varieties so grown and distributed as to ensure genetic purity through certification. Read more ...
Autonomy with Independency in financial and HR sector.
To make available globally competitive quality seeds to farmers through certification.
Achieving financial stability through rational tariff structure for revenue generation.
Strengthening of staffing pattern. Read more ...
Breeder seed is the seed or vegetative propagating material directly controlled by the originating or sponsoring plant breeder of the breeding programming or institution and or seed whose production is personally supervised by qualified plant breeder and which provides the source for the initial and recurring increase of foundation seed. Available only in small quantities and labeled with golden yellow tag. Breeder seed shall be genetically so pure as to guarantee that in the subsequent generation.
Foundation seed shall be the progeny of the breeder seed or be produced from foundation seed which can be clearly traced back to breeder seed. Production shall be supervised and approved by the certification agency and be so handled as to maintain specific genetic identity and purity and shall be required to conform to certification standard specified for the crop being certified. Available in limited quantities. Labeled with white tag. Planted to produce Foundation Stage-II or certified seed.
Certified seed shall be the progeny of foundation seed and its production shall be so handled as to maintain specific genetic identity and purity according to standards prescribed for the crop being certified. Available in large quantities as commercial seed also. Under control of certified seed producers. Labeled with azure blue tag. Sold to farmer for crop grain production.. Certified seed may be the progeny of certified seed provided this reproduction does not exceed three generations beyond foundation seed stage-I and it is determined by the Seed Certification Agency that genetic identity and purity will not be significantly altered and provided further that the Certification Agency is satisfied that there is genuine shortage of foundation seed despite all the reasonable efforts made by the seed producer. Certified Seed producer for certified seed will not be eligible for further seed increase under certification. Certification tag for such production which is not eligible for further seed increase under certification shall be super scribed with the words “Not eligible for further seed increase under certification.”

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